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A simply stated polished shank provides the perfect balance to the stone arrangement.Check out the Ring Sizing Guide to find your ring size.White Gold Although gold is most often thought of as having a soft, yellow glow, the metal is available in an entire spectrum of different hues.The different colors of gold depend upon with which metals the gold is alloyed, or mixed.Sri Lanka, long associated with the international gem and jewellery trade, has been known as the cradle of treasures for its precious, natural gemstones.

The entire industry employs approximately 600,000 persons including miners, cutters and polishers, dealers, jewellery designers, manufacturers and craftsmen, marketers and sales people.

Commonly used in everyday-wear jewelry such as rings, 10K gold beautifully withstands wear and tear.

It is the lowest gold content that can be legally marked or sold as gold jewelry in the United States.

While Sri Lankan jewellery manufacturers demonstrate remarkable craftsmanship, Sri Lankan gem suppliers offer a wide range of Ceylon gems to the global gem market representing the country’s breathtaking natural heritage.

Every finely crafted ensemble needs just the right finishing touch. Columns of glistening diamonds and richly hued gemstones in your choice of color alternate across the top.

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